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vegan pie & cake

Is it someone’s birthday or did someone graduate? Would you like to spice up your meeting or are you planning a party? At Fast & Vegan you can order delicious vegan cakes, because we love baking!

Cakes do not necessarily have to be baked with eggs and butter. With only plantbased ingredients we bake the most delicious and amazing cakes. On this page you will find out our most ordered vegan cakes and pies. Our cakes can be ordered online through this form or by calling us (number: +31643057964). After ordering you can pick up your vegan cakes at our lunchroom in the Hague. Orders from € 50,00 can be delivered at your (business) location of your choice in the region Haaglanden.

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Of course we can make other vegan cakes, cookies and bars for you. Please Call or email us with your questions or wishes about the vegan cake, pie or bar of your choice. We are happy to help!

Do you prefer to download the menu as a pdf-file? You can download it here >

our top 10 vegan pies

Vegan Carrot Cake € 30,-
about 10 slices

A flavourfull cake with carrot and walnuts and a topping of vanilla creme and pecans.

Vegan Apple Pie € 20,-
about 10 pieces

After a recipe of Jamie Oliver: a delicious caramel apple pie.

Vegan Cake with forest fruit € 22,50
about 10 pieces

A firm cake with a soft filling of red fruits like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Vegan Pecan Caramel Cake € 25,-
about 10 pieces

A soft cake with a topping of caramel and pecans.

Vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread € 20,-
about 8 pieces

From England: Millionaire’s Shortbread. Biscuit with a layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate.

Vegan Vanilla Coconut Cake € 25,-
about 8 pieces

A soft ‘pudding’ cake with a topping of coconut.

Vegan Chocolate Pie € 22,50
about 8 pieces

A Greec chocolate pie called Kladdkaka. A firm pie with a full taste of chocolate.

Bananabread, vegan and gluten free € 17,95
about 12 slices

Fresh, light, nutricious and gluten free: delicious with tea (and some jam), but alsof or breakfast or any other moment. EUR 17,95, about 12 slices.

Vegan Velvetcake € 30,-
about 10 pieces

The famous velvet cake with a soft taste and a topping of vanilla creme.

Vegan Lime Pie € 27,50
about 6 pieces

A deliciously fresh no bake lime pie with a crust of hazel nuts and dates and a filling of  cashews, coconut and lime juice.

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*delivering in the Haaglanden region

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